The Diablo 3 Barbarian – Ancients Of The North

The Diablo 3 Barbarian – Ancients Of The North

One of the classic characters that Diablo 3 brings back into the fray of battle is the Barbarian. Barbarians are the melee class of choice for many players. If rushing headlong into battle wielding some of the fiercest weapons in the game to smite your foes sounds like fun to you then perhaps the class of choice should certainly be the Barbarian.

Gearing for the Grind – What Gear is Viable for Leveling?

The Barbarians primary attribute stat is strength – it enhances your base weapon damage while increasing the amount of armor you have at the same time. While leveling you are going to be looking for armor with the following order of attributes; bonus experience, strength, and vitality. With your armor for leveling you are going to want to check the auction house every 5-10 levels in order to obtain better gear. A good rule of thumb with the armor is to keep your bonus experience and vitality as high as possible while sacrificing strength slightly. The most important thing to always have as a Barbarian is the strongest weapons you can. Typically while leveling you will want to have two strong one handed weapons that both have a little bit of life on hit on them. By maintaining life on hit your survival will be ensured and you will rarely have to stop fighting hordes of mobs. Remember to upgrade your weapons pretty frequently especially if you begin to have trouble killing the mobs you are facing at any point. The second important rule of thumb is to make certain that your helm always contains the highest level ruby you can afford in order to maximize your experience percentage.

The Brutal Path to the Ancients– Leveling Tips for Barbarians

One of the nicest parts about Barbarians is their hardiness. They are able to stand in the middle of a fight taking little damage, and dealing a ton of it in return. With that said, they are also one of the most gear intensive classes in game. Make sure that your vitality and bonus experience are as high as possible to ensure survival and fast leveling. Lure large groups of mobs to a central area and dispose of them quickly with your Whirlwind ability to stack up some massive bonus experience. Also, make certain while leveling that you always have your Leap ability on your bar so that you can quickly escape when necessary.

Gearing for Inferno – Ah the Power

Inferno brings many challenges to Barbarians in Diablo 3. The first of these is getting the necessary gear to be able to shell out large amounts of damage so that solo farming is available to you. In order to get to that point you are first going to want to build your Barbarian for survival, and then add the stats necessary for damage dealing as you can. For your initial build you are going to want to have a good one handed weapon with a significant amount of life on hit (no less than 650), and a strong shield that has All Resistances and around a 25% or higher Block Chance. As far as your armor goes you will need the following stats; All Resistances, Strength, Vitality, Life on Hit, Critical Hit Chance, and Critical Hit Damage. Once you have obtained about 850 to All Resistances begin building up your Critical Hit Chance and Damage stats. This will allow you to not only survive in Inferno, but also thrive in it.


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