Affiliate Marketing On Facebook: It’s Never Been So Easy

Every person can quickly try to earn money, or at least learn how to earn on Facebook. Absolutely everyone, a little ability to analyze what is happening is enough. But you need to know that everything has its own price. To get an income, you will have to work hard. Looking ahead, I will say that the best way is still affiliate marketing on Facebook (in the second part of the article).

It will be a daily work, which will bring income, in some areas, losses. Still, in general, if you plan a strategy of earning through Facebook – you have every chance.

Complicated way

What can I sell

This is almost everything, except for forbidden content. Through social networks, most people sell their cars, old things, handmade things, e-books, anything.

Alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, firecrackers, animals, gambling, health products – can not be sold through Facebook. If you plan to link these products to this platform, you will not succeed. All the rest – please.

Write posts

If you plan to sell goods to your friends, write a post about it on your page. Be sure to consider that people would like to see how the product or service looks, how to contact you etc. 

Pros: you can sell in this way the goods that everyone needs. 

Cons: You have a limited audience of friends and their friends. To sell more, you need a large number of friends. If you make friends and add anyone, you will be banned from Facebook. So pick up a thousand or two subscribers must be wise – these people you should see at least once in your life.

Additional sales are provided with the messenger. From time to time you can make personal mailings to your friends about new products and prices.

Registration in Groups

There are such groups in every city, even the smallest one. If the group is administrated and does not miss your posts, you need to agree with the administrators. They will be happy to help you if you allow them to monetize their page. You can sell in this way clothes, household goods, and food. Be sure to take good pictures of your products – only in this way you can draw attention to the product and get more customers.

Write useful content

Or collect it on the Internet. Make a niche page with the most useful and interesting articles in the network. Such pages sell contextual advertising. When publishing a post, make links to goods or services that you want to sell. You can sell on Facebook pages as well as in groups. You can do this work for the development of your own business.

The easy way: affiliate marketing on Facebook

The fastest way (but no less reliable) is to start affiliate marketing on Facebook.

A few simple steps are enough for that:

  • with a niche and start creating your Facebook page
  • know how to make engaging ads with pictures, videos, great content with insights
  • with the right Affiliate Network
  • research and pick the right Affiliate Products

All these 4 items are described in detail in my favorite course from Robby Blanchard

What’s inside:

As you can see, this course is taught by an expert, plenty of impressive student testimonials.

Judging by the screenshots Robby Blanchard shares from students, a significant number of them do seem to be getting solid results with the training. Let’s take a look at some of them (including mine ):

I’d recommend taking the course if you want to go the paid traffic route or

  • You’re willing and able to invest another $1000 or more after buying the course
  • You’re happy to spend your time building and optimizing sales funnels
  • You can devote at least 10 hours per week to building your business
  • You don’t expect to become rich from this thing overnight

If that sounds like you I highly recommend to start with this free training first

Good luck!

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